Marine Quality Report


Year of Report: 2009

Author: Bras d'Or CEPI


Water quality is measured in many different ways. For the purpose of this report, marine water quality of the Bras d’Or Lakes will be discussed under three subtopics for each of the sub-watershed areas:
I. Bacteriological water quality
II. Chemical water quality
III. Siltation

This document will look at these factors in isolation in an attempt to determine the current water quality of the Bras d’Or Lakes. This report will go beyond a simple description of the lake ecosystem by using an integrated approach to provide factual information for subtopics I to III under the headings of:
• state (condition of the environment and changes);
• impacts (changes to the environment);
• driving forces (activities that result in pressure);
• pressures (human pressure on the environment);
• responses (actions taken by society to prevent and/or to change negative impacts).

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