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Spirit of the Lakes Speaks

Year of Publication: 2011

Author: Bras d’Or Lakes CEPI

Publisher: Bras d’Or CEPI

Document Description: 

The Spirit of the Lakes Speaks is a document created by the Bras d’Or Lakes Collaborative Environmental Planning Initiative [CEPI] with a vision for the protection and sustainability of the Bras d’Or Lakes and its watershed.

This document is a process plan for individuals and governments who live and work in the Bras d’Or Lakes watershed. It introduces the Lakes as a living entity that generates feelings in people, and supports them in many ways.

It provides a way forward for municipal, provincial and federal governments and the Mi’kmaq of Unama’ki to maintain the trust, transparency, harmony and cooperation established among themselves while discharging their various mandates in the protection, maintenance, and enhancement of the Bras d’Or Lakes watershed.

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